Milton Bowens

Milton is the Lead Artist in Residence at Twin Rivers Unified School District. He has visited more than 60 schools over the past two years and was the spokesperson for Sacramento's Any Given Child 2010 inaugural year. Milton has donated his artwork to raise over $25,000 for arts & charitable organizations in the Sacramento and Oakland communities over the past several years. He’s conducted a youth art residencies for Dillard Elementary School and Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary School and has made The Art of Storytelling presentations at Laguna Creek High School, Highlands High School and Sacramento City College. He has had over 10 solo exhibitions in the Sacramento and Oakland areas over the past two years. Continuing to work as a full-time artist, he always finds time to volunteer in the schools and for non-profit organizations to inspire young minds and educate them about art as a career opportunity and on the importance of art to culture and society.