Health and Safety Guidelines

Chase Center encourages all fans to abide by these standards at all times: WEAR a mask, WASH and sanitize your hands regularly and WAIT at home when sick.


Chase Center will enforce strict health and safety protocols that have been established in coordination with the California State Department of Health, San Francisco Department of Public Health and the National Basketball Association.

Wear a Face Mask
All fans and team members, 24 months and older, are required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times, except when actively eating or drinking.

Approved face masks include KN95, N95, cloth and surgical.

The following face masks are not permitted: bandanas, gaiters, and masks with ventilators. If a guest arrives wearing a bandana, gaiter, or mask with a ventilator, they will be provided a disposable mask or can purchase a reusable one at Warriors Shop.

Masks are optional for children under 24 months.

Wash Your Hands
For your convenience, hand sanitizer stations and single use sanitizing wipes will be available throughout the arena.

Watch Your Distance
High traffic areas of the arena will feature social distance markers and pathways, and plexiglass barriers have been installed throughout the arena.

FAQ: Safety Guidelines